ClearTitle Order
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is ClearTitle different than other discharge curative services?

Other discharge curative services offer only a “money-back guarantee” if they can’t get the curative documents. ClearTitle gives you the ability to issue title insurance policy(s) without exception while curative action takes place.

2. How is ClearTitle an advantage to our agents?

ClearTitle upon review and acceptance of an order, will provide an authorization from a FNTG underwriter to our agent to issue policy(s) without exception for the improperly or undischarged (but paid!) mortgage, all within two business days of the order’s submission. This streamlined process gives our agents the advantage of being able to close loans quickly while ClearTitle obtains necessary curative documents.

3. How will ClearTitle save our agents time and money?

Our agents will no longer have to spend time researching lenders, chasing down prior closing offices and requesting curative documentation. They won’t have to manage escrow holdbacks or dedicate hours post-closing to making calls in search of missing curative documents. Instead, ClearTitle gives our agents and their staff more time to work on closing other transactions, developing new business and increasing their revenue.

4. Do I have to be an agent of the FNTG family of underwriters to take advantage of the solutions offered through ClearTitle?

Yes, ClearTitle’s title clearing service is a business solution offered exclusively to agents of our FNTG underwriters: Chicago Title Insurance Company, Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, and Alamo Title Insurance Company. To become an agent of any of these FNTG underwriters, please contact your local office or email: [email protected]

5. What types of mortgage liens are not eligible for ClearTitle?

  • Mortgages that are not paid in full
  • Equity or Credit Lines without proof of being paid and closed
  • Private Mortgages
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Current Owner Mortgages without proof of payment

6. What transactions can I use ClearTitle for?

ClearTitle is available for residential transactions, where the title reveals an undischarged or improperly discharged — but paid! – Mortgage and a FNTG Owner policy is being issued.

7. Can I use ClearTitle when a FNTG policy is not being issued?

No, ClearTitle is only available for transactions in which a FNTG Owner policy of title insurance being issued.

8. What happens if ClearTitle cannot get the discharge because the lender is gone?

In those rare circumstances when a discharge for an accepted ClearTitle order cannot be obtained for a paid mortgage, ClearTitle will take action to utilize any and all statutory methods of release, and, if necessary, take curative court action.

9. How much does ClearTitle cost?

A fee of $250.00 per each undischarged or improperly discharged mortgage which qualify for ClearTitle.

10. Will I be responsible for any follow-up after the closing?

No, ClearTitle will be responsible for making sure the curative document is obtained.